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FOR US, Three Generations specifically is not always seen but always in our hearts and holds a special meaning to our family. Our love and passion for dance has been passed down throughout the generations of our family...


It all started with our ReRe our great grandmother who is now in heaven who’s love for the art of dance flourished and has been passed down...


To our grandmother and then to her daughter (Ms Melissa) it was safe to say at this point this passion for dance ran through our veins and it was a part of all of us.


Experienced with over 30 year in the dance industry, Ms. Melissa then had two daughters of her own Ms. Samantha & Ms. Megan. It was only natural that dance too was their passion and they took off.


Ms. Samantha graduated from The University of the Arts with honors on scholarship with a BFA in Jazz Dance Performance and continues her career in the professional dance world. 


Ms. Megan is currently a professional NFL Cheerleader , dance teacher and continuing her education at Kean University!


Generations is family. A love, a passion, a bond that holds our family together as one even when we are not whole. We are building a foundation from our past generations and for the generations of our family to come! 


Join our family! Be a part of this generation, let us guide you and grow as artists and allow us to share our passion with you!

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